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I am a Captain with the USCG. I provide Professional Hybrid Bass Fishing Guide Services to amateurs and professionals on Truman Lake in Warsaw, Missouri. I have created a unique " Daily Fishing Calendar" which gives the daily best times for being at your favorite fishing spot based on accurate lunar and solar daily peaks, as well as the best days and times of lunar influence monthly  to help catch the "big ones". It not only is an interesting testament to the art of hybrid bass fishing, but in itself acts as a very real "guide" and one great key to greater catches and limit reaches in fishing Truman Lake.  Timing is everything.

 Hybrid Striper Bass fishing on Truman Lake Missouri with Captain Jack Vanderpool

One of the difficulties in targeting this terrific species, is there genetic disposition to roam. Hybrid striped bass after all are half striped bass, and these are a saltwater species of fish that often travel hundreds of miles to find freshwater to spawn in and then return to the salty ocean to feed and grow. With this in mind it goes with out saying that you can't catch them if you can't find them. Targeting hybrids can really become as much a hunting game as it can be a fishing game.   Captain Jack


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