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In memory of my Father, Ralph Vanderpool, who passed away Dec. 11, 2010. He always found time to take me fishing as a child. Later in life I always found time to take him fishing. I will miss him so much.


Thanks to my father I have always loved to fish.  I joined the local bass club in
Marshall, MO in 1975 and was honored to be “Fisherman of the Year” in
1979,1980, and 1981. A career change in 1981 caused a move from Marshall
and fishing was put on the back burner for several years. Nine years ago, a
friend and I hired a guide on Truman Lake to fish for hybrid stripped bass. We
caught approximately 400 lbs of fish that day. The guide, Ron Cummins, became
a friend of mine and taught me what he could about fishing for the hybrids. We
lost Ron to cancer in 2005.  

Several things have to come together to catch large fish in numbers, but the one thing that I know from experience and from other professionals is the effect the sun and moon have on how fish bite which I will refer to as “the bite”. During the past 30 years, I have logged many
catches and studied the effect of weather, sun, moon, and the seasons have on the bite. I also discovered that
the solar/lunar fishing tables I have used simply don't work. I have put together in calendar form what has worked for me based on lunar and solar peaks which
is different than anything I have been able to find on the market or published. Keep in mind that lunar and solar peaks can be and often are offset by the weather.

My oldest son and I in my first bass boat

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