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Fees and Services

I will show you some of the best spots for hybrid bass fishing on Truman Lake. I will teach you hybrid bass fishing techniques and methods. I will help critique and improve your skills - and maybe learn from you too.


My guide services are $350 for up
to 2 people per 5 hr. fishing day.
Each additonal person is $50 each
up to a maximum of 4 people.  If
one of the 4 people are children
they must be 12 years old or older.
The trip will be for 5 hours. Each
additonal hour will be $50 up to a
maximum of 8 hrs. I will furnish all
fishing equipment and ice. You can
bring food and drink if you wish. No
alcoholic beverages or pets will be
allowed in the boat. You are
allowed to keep 4 hybrids each up
to a maximum 12 fish on the boat.
if they are 18 inches or longer.
100.00 Deposit required in advance for all bookings. Deposit will be transferred in full if booking is rescheduled 7 days in advance

For more information about the laws and regulations for water safety, fishing
licenses, limits , etc., please see My Shop page on this website.










If paying by check, make check payable to:

Jack Vanderpool

23153 N, Saline 65 Hwy.

Marshall, MO 65340

About my Fishing Experience

I have a 23 foot deck boat that has been modified into and guide boat. I have a bait tank that keeps  bait fish called "gizzard shad" alive. I have kept them alive for several days and then they were still alive and let go. I use reels that has line counters on them that lets you know exactly how deep the bait is. I use a remote control to operate the trolling motor. This keeps me out of the way of the people catching fish. I can operate the motor from anywhere on the boat or on the shore if I wanted. I also has a auto pilot which lets me point the boat in any direction and it will automatically keep the boat in that direction while traveling at any speed I choose.   I use a Lowrance HDS 12 touchscreen with structure scan. This pretty well wraps up the boat and equipment. I have found that most people can't or won't learn to use such equipment for what ever reason. Equipment is fun and enhances the chances of success but the human element is still the most important. Hope you enjoy!


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